DVDs / Photobooks

2AM First Tour Saint o Clock (2DVD+photobook): SGD46
2013 Way Of Love Live in Seoul: SGD45

1st Japan Tour 2011 “Take Off” in Makuhari Messe
[Limited Edition] Bonus DVD+Photobook: SGD135
[Regular Edition] DVD only: SGD91
1st Concert in SEOUL “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”
[Limited Edition] Bonus DVD: SGD155
[Regular Edition] DVD only: SGD95
Hottest -2PM 1st Music Video Coleection & The History-
[Limited Edition] SGD155
[Regular Edition] SGD80
Hands Up Asia Tour DVD + Photobook – SGD47 (Details)

2NE1 First Live Concert DVD – Nolza! – SGD47
2NE1 1st Japan Tour – NOLZA in Japan – SGD85
Whats up we’re 2NE1 Photobook – SGD37 (Details)

Live On Earth Pacific Tour DVD – SGD60.90
B.A.P: Recording Take 1 – SGD32
B.A.P: Recording Take 2 – SGD32 (Details)
B.A.P: Recording Take 4 – SGD44 (Details)
30,000 Miles on Earth – SGD47 (Details)

2012 BABA B1A4 Live in Seoul – SGD54 (Details)

Genesis Of BEAST – SGD36
BEAST 1st Concert Live DVD(3DVD+Phobotook+Poster+Outbox+Sticker) – SGD50
Selection of BEAST – SGD77
2013 Beautiful Show in Seoul DVD: SGD50
Concert Making Book – Welcome to B2ST Airline – SGD48
Fiction Making Book – SGD42
B2ST Meets B2UTY – SGD46 (Details)
The Beautiful Show in Seoul – SGD43 (Details)

2008 BIGBANG Second Live Concert DVD: The Great – SGD51
2008 Global Warning Tour with Taeyang First Live Concert(3DVD+Photobook+Paper Model)- SGD51
2011 BIGSHOW Making DVD&Photobook (1DVD+260p Photobook) – SGD41
Hope & Love Tour 2011
[Limited Edition] DVD+Postcard+Photobook: SGD125
[Regular Edition] DVD only: SGD100
The Clips vol. 1 (MV collection reissue) – SGD55
Electric Love Tour 2010 – SGD100
Stand Up Tour 2008 – SGD80
ALIVE 2012 Making Collection (3 DVD + Photobook) – SGD50
G-Dragon: Collection Coup De Tat: SGD52.90
G-Dragon: One of A Kind World Tour DVD: SGD52
BIGBANG: Extraordinary 20s 1st Photograph Collection – SGD45 (Details)
BIGBANG: Alive 2012 Making Collection – SGD50 (Details)
G-Dragon & Taeyang in Paris 2014: SGD66 (Details)

I’m Your Boyfriend: SGD45

2014 NOW BTS in Thailand – SGD46 (Details)
BTS 2014 Summer Package – SGD40 (Details)

Blue Storm DVD (making film + concert dvd) – SGD40
2013 Blue Moon World Tour in Seoul DVD: SGD33


Tour 2011 Summer Final “Messenger” at Budokan – SGD115
FTISLAND HALL Tour 2010 “So today…” Encore – SGD85
FTIsland Zepp Tour 2010 – Hands up!! – SGD115
FTIsland Last One Man live in 2009 -So long, Au revoir – SGD85
FTIsland Tour 2009 -I Believe Myself – SGD85
2011 PLAY! FT Island (2DVD + 60p photobook) – SGD45
2013 6th Anniversary FTHX in Seoul DVD: SGD33

EXO 1st Box DVD Set – SGD44

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Into The New World (2DVD+Photobook+Poster) – SGD42
All About Girls’ Generation- SGD87
Japan First Tour Girls’ Generation
[Regular Edition] SGD105
[Regular Edition/Blu-Ray] SGD115

Japan 1st Live “Leaping Over” – SGD80
Infinitize Showcase – SGD47
Destiny in America: SGD56
IDEA Photobook – SGD55 (Details)

Go With Jay Photobook – SGD47

Memories in 2010 – SGD115
Thanksgiving Live in Dome – SGD115
Jaejoong: Your My Mine Fanmeet DVD: SGD77

KARA Bakery
[Limited Release] DVD+Photobook: SGD80
KARA Best Clips
[Regular Edition] SGD65
KARA All about Beauty
[Limited Release] DVD+Bonus DVD: SGD60
[Regular Edition] DVD+Booklet: SGD145
KARA In Paris – SGD34
KARA 2012 Karasia 1st Japan Tour Photobook: SGD43

Kim Hyung Jun
Kim Hyung Jun Special Edition DVD (3DVD+CD+Photobook+Poster+Postcard)- SGD54

Lee Minho
All My Life Limited Edition DVD – SGD95 (Details)

Magazine Story #1 DVD – SGD42

Mona Lisa Style (2DVD + 40p Photobook + 6 Photocards) – SGD40
This Is War (2DVD+photocard+photobook) – SGD35
Men In MBLAQ 1st Concert  – SGD40 (Details)
The Blaq% Tour Asia Tour Concert Photobook – SGD48 (Details)

SHINee The 1st Concert in Japan – SHINee World
[Limited Edition] 2DVD+2Photobook: SGD130
[Regular Edition] 2DVD+Photobook: SGD85
SHINee 1st Concert – SGD57
SHINee In Barcelona – SGD35
SHINee: SHINee World Concert Photobook – SGD48
SHINee: Travel Note 01 – SGD29
Surprise Vacation DVD: SGD45
SHINee World Concert II in Seoul: SGD41

The Legend Goes On 15th Anniversary Concert DVD: SGD58

SMTown “Live World Tour” – SGD63

Super Junior
Super Show 3 Live DVD – SGD53
Super Show 4 World Tour DVD – SGD38
Super Junior: SS4 Photobook – SGD45
Super Junior: Boys In City 4 (Paris) Special Edition – SGD85 (Details)
Super Junior: Boys In City 4 (Paris) Regular Edition – SGD58 (Details)
Super Junior: Memories in Hawaii (Malaho / Aloha) – SGD45 (Details)

Free Time in Europe 2 – SGD48 (Details)

2013 No. 1 Asia Tour in Seoul DVD: SGD38
Holiday in Hawaii – SGD40.90 (Details)
Angel Box DVD 2014: SGD48

Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
Heart, Mind and Soul
Five in the Black
[DVD Blu-Ray] SGD120
[DVD Blu-Ray] SGD120
[DVD] SGD115
The Secret Code
[DVD Blu-Ray] SGD120
[DVD] SGD115
[CD] SGD75
Tohoshinki History in Japan Special: SGD385
History in Japan Vol. 4 : SGD90
History in Japan Vol. 3 : SGD90
History in Japan Vol. 1 : SGD90
All About Tohoshinki Season 3 : SGD235
All About Tohoshinki Season 2 : SGD245
All About Tohoshinki Season 1 : SGD105
Zoom Shika Shiranai Dong Bang Shin Ki: SGD95
Catch Me Production Note: SGD44
Catch Me Life World Tour Photobook: SGD45 (Details)

1st Global Photobook – Hello, stranger! – SGD51.50 (Details)
VIXX Box (Japanese) – SGD102 (Details)
VIXX Box For Our Fans – SGD50 (Details)


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